Monday, March 8, 2010

Covers for terry nappies - the different types explained

TotsBots Rainbow WrapYou can get all sorts of covers for your terry nappies.  We have tried PUL ones and wool ones.  They all have different purposes.  Some of them are better for car trips and some of them are better for running around the house on hot days and some are better for ovenight and basically there so many different kinds that you will probably end up with a few different ones to put over your terries.

The nice thing about wool is that after lanolising, you don' thave to wash it for a while again (unless it gets poo on it).  The lanolin neutralises the wee and it is safe and clean to re-use it, so manyu people use wool covers over their terry nappies for for overnights. Nice to have a clean nappy cover yet not actaully having to wash it every day.  Just think of the work you can save.  That's the beauty of wool nappy covers.

The downsides to wool is that it will "wick" through if there is a pressure point, so if your baby is for instance sitting in a car seat for a long time and the nappy gets soaked, the weight of your baby might push the moisture downwards as through the cover a bit.  However, it won't pour out - just wick a little in the worst case.  One good thing about wool that no one can complain about is that it will breathe, so baby's bottom gets air!

Terry nappies being a natural alternative, you would be glad to know that what is greener and safer and healthier for the planet is also healthier for your baby too.  Other covers that you can try for your terry nappies are PUL covers and fleece covers.  Fleece acts a lot like wool except it will need to be washed more often, wheras PUL is breatheable to a lesser extent but the good thing is that is really is waterproof for times when you really don't want baby to leak out of the terry nappies.

PUL covers can be either just a cover that goes over the terry nappy or they can be a special design where you fold the terry nappy and put in inside the cover as a pad.  This way you get a lot of absorbncy from the terry nappy as it is all going where it is needed the most.  PUL covers come in many cute prints making them ideal baby boy or baby girl gifts.  Here's how to use your nappy cover or "nappy wrap".  Either fold the terry nappy into a pad or else put the nappy on the baby using one of the terry nappy folds and secure with a Snappi, Nappy Nippa or nappy pin.  Make sure it is snug enough.  Life baby's bottom and get the wrap under the baby and nappy, so that half of it is under your baby's rear.  Pull the nappy wraptabs out and secure the sides of the wrap to the front, aroudn the baby's bottom.  To change baby when wet/poopy, lie baby down, fold the dirty nappy in half so the poo doesn't get anywhere you don't want it to!  Wipe from front to back, especially important if you have a little girl.  Then repeat the process from the beginning, using a new terry nappy and/or terry inside a nappy cover/wrap.

Thanks for imcountingufoz for the image of the hanging nappies and covers on the line.  It's always such a cute sight to see in this modern throwaway day and age.