Monday, March 8, 2010

The different kinds of terry nappies explained: bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, fitted...

Nothing like a lovely white terry square...  the kind your grandmother used.  But wait, there are many other kinds of terry nappy available.  Check out your options!

There are many different kinds of terry nappy available these days.  Not only can you get plain cotton terries, you can also get a range of different sorts for all purposes.  Have you tried coloured terries like the ones available from Bright Bots?  Department stores also sell coloured terries for a very reasonable price.

What about an organic terry nappy, like Green Baby - these are always thicker and more absorbent because the cotton, when grown organically, grows better and is of a higher quality.  Organic cotton also reduces your carbon footprint even further, making your nappy choice extremely green.
Bright Bots also make plain white nappies too.

Then there are bamboo terry nappies, very thick and plush and soft and have many exceptional qualities.  For instance bamboo terry squares will not go "hard" on the washing line when you dry them, like cotton will.  This makes it very nice for newborns as they are so squishy and fragile and we all want to put only the softest most cuddly fabrics next to their skin!  Can't forget either that bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides making it a really good choice for green-ness.  When you use a bamboo terry nappy, you may be able to use a less bulky nappy fold, as they are so absorbent.

What about a hemp terry?  Yes you can get terry nappies with hemp, but usually they contain some cotton too, as hemp can be quite stiff and unyielding without having cotton to balance it out and soften it a bit.  You can find 100% hemp terry nappies if you look for them, though.  Did I mention there is French terry and there is stretch knit terry?

Then there are fitted terry nappies.  Once you get into fitteds, the world of cloth nappies really explodes into a world of choices.  It can be overwhelming, and sometimes the price tag can be higher than with terry flats, because you are paying for the convenience of not having to fold your nappies.  Of course, it only takes a moment to fold a terry nappy flat, so I tend to recommend these for price, versatility and fast drying, but there are many people who are totally delighted with their fitted terry nappies so don't hesitate to check them out if you like the sound of them.  One of the best brands of fitted terry nappy are Little Lamb.

So all these are some of the kinds of terry toweling nappies that you can get.  I hope I have helped you to understand a little more about the different types and the benefits of each kind.

Some brands you may be interested in: Green Baby Organic terry nappies, Cosatto Terry Nappies 'white'- 12 Pack, 12 X Supreme Quality Baby Terry Nappies, 100% Cotton, 12 Pack White Terry Nappies 100% Super Soft Cotton, 100% Cotton Terry Towelling Nappies, 12 Pack or 12 Terry Towelling Nappies Supreme Quality Pack.  See also Bambino Mio Nappy Sets, Tesco Terry Nappies.