Monday, March 8, 2010

Terry nappy general storage and use

Once terry nappies are washed, bring them in off the line and put them in a pile.  Then pick a nice quiet time of day (traditionally after the baby has gone to bed, according to most mothers!) and fold up your squares.  Some people like to fold them into quarters to make a square, and stack them; some people like to pre-fold them into the nappy fold they will be using.  Others store terry nappies open and flat, maybe in a shelf beneath your change table.  You can also fold them neatly alongside your baby blankets, infant girl or infant boy clothing, modern cloth nappies and other baby paraphenalia in the airing cupoboard.  Terry nappies don't seem to mind how you store them.  :)

When you get ready to use your squares, you will probably be one-handed (baby on the other arm!) so make your change spot easy to use.  Your  nappies will be seeing the light of day a lot so organise them and everything else so it's fast and simple for you.  Some people like to use a stay-dry liner inside the nappy fold, like some which you can get made out of microfleece or microfibre suedecloth.  Make sure if you buy it off a roll that it is the right kind, a test piece will show you because it needs to let moisture through quickly and then alow the moisture to be drawn away from the other side by the absorbent fabric.  Once you have seen it you will know what I mean.

You can use stay-dry liners with your terry nappies to solve several problems.  For starters your terry will be less likely to come into contact with baby poo so they will stay whiter.  Secondly your baby will be less likely to get a nappy rash because the nappy will hold the wee while the liner stops his or her bottom from getting wet.  You still need to change the terry nappies as often as you would without a liner, though, as it's healthier for your baby, as it's not good for their skin to leave them sitting in the ammonia from pee.  If you don't want to think about washable liners you can get disposable liners as well, some that you have to throw out, some that you can flush and some that will compost.

Of course if you want to extra-green up your nappy system you could go cloth or compostable as it's not even more work to throw a few liners in the washing machine along with your terries.  Or in the compost, compostable nappy liners can break down into the earth again.  When you use terry nappies you will porbably be more aware of your baby's movements more than if you were using throwaway products.  Your baby, toddler or preschooler will find it easier to toilet train as he or she won't have spent all his time feeling unnaturally "dry".  Baby is also less likely to get nasty chemicals on his or her skin if you are using terry nappies, so that's a very good thing for baby.  Well, I can't think about any more to say about the wonderful and legendary terry nappy right now, so that will be all for today!

I loved  these Bright Bots Terry Nappies in thick 100% cotton - we used several packs of these in the gender neutral colours, but they can also come in either "boy" colours or "girl" colours.  In summer it is lovely to pop these brightly coloured Bright Bots on your baby and they can run around in nothing but the coloured terry nappy and the Snappi.  Baby + coloured terry nappies... so cute.  :o)

Well, I can't think about any more to say about the wonderful and legendary terry nappy right now, so that will be all for today!