Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to Wash Dirty Terry Nappies

Terry nappies are designed for dirty work so you need to know how to clean them. At every change you flush any solid waste down the toilet. If you are using a flushable nappy liner than you can simply flush the liner and poo together! If you are using a washable liner, or if any poo has clung to the nappy, you may have to sluice this in the toilet. It is not as disgusting as it sounds. Simply grab one corner of the nappy or the liner and rinse it while the toilet is flushing.

You can choose to store your dirty terry nappies dry or soak them until you have enough for a load. Even if you choose not to soak your nappies, it may be best to store them in a bucket to keep little hands off. Washing your terry nappies at 60°C will be more than enough to clean them and kill any germs. Pre-soaking your nappy is beneficial as it dilutes the urine in the material, prolonging the life of the nappy. Alternatively to soaking, you can give it a quick rinse in the toilet while flushing, then drop the rinsed nappy into the bucket.  Do not soak your wraps though as this damages the waterproof fabric. To minimize the chance of spills, add merely enough water to cover the nappies. Simply add more water as needed. You can add 2-3 tbsp of white distilled vinegar or 1 tbsp sodium bicarbonate or 5 drops of tea tree oil which has both antifungal and antibacterial properties.

If you have soaked your terry nappies, you must drain the water before placing them in the washing machine. Wash the nappies and liners between 40 - 60°C. Use a minute amount of non-biological washing powder. It is the temperature of the water that kills the bacteria, not the washing powder. Any residual washing powder will redissolve when it comes in contact with wee, which will react negatively on baby’s bottom. Any stubborn stains that remain are easily removed by sunlight. Dry your nappies on the line or in a tumble drier. However, there is no need to tumble dry all the time with terry nappies and it will just cost you money. Also, terry nappies hanging on the line, drying in the sun and breeze, look fresh and happy! :)


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