Sunday, October 3, 2010

Introduction to Terry Nappies

Today the cloth nappy is so popular there are many different styles to choose from. It may seem overwhelming at first. Here is a brief introduction to the types if nappies you will find out there. To begin, you will typically need two pieces to your cloth nappy system - the cloth nappy itself and a plastic covering of some sort. Your choices of cloth nappy style include flats, prefolds, fitteds, all-in-ones and pockets.

Flats are generally 100% cotton, one-layer nappies. They are quick-drying and able to fit most sizes of bottom. Unfortunately there is folding and pinning or Snappi-ing involved. A plastic diaper cover is required. Terry nappies and prefolds need to be snapped, pinned/Snappied or folded into a plastic wrap-style cover. They are similar to flats but have more layers with layering in the middle as well. Fitted nappies basically look like a disposable nappy but much cuter, with plain or printed outers. They have elastic on the legs and back and are fastened with velcros or snaps. They require a plastic cover as well. All-in-ones are the absorbent nappy and plastic cover combined into a single nappy, just like a disposable. Pocket nappies consist of a fleece layer sewn to a cover that has an opening in the back so that any absorbent layer can be stuffed inside.

Prefolds are one of the most popular options and are typically made of cotton. Hemp prefolds are also available and although more absorbent than cotton, they are more expensive. Another prefold-like option is terry nappies. These are nappy squares made from terry towelling, which washes and dries fast making it an easy-wash cloth nappy. Terry nappies fit all bottom sizes, are much quicker drying than any other available nappy, and are much less difficult and much more economical to clean. Typically white in color, there are Bright Bots coloured terry nappies for those that find white too plain or boring. Or you could have a go at dyeing them yourself! Nappies are essential for your little one, and terry nappies are a great choice for any little bottom.


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