Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to terry nappies - the fast, affordable, simple, eco-friendly, healthy, cute and traditional nappy solution

Welcome to the world of legendary terry nappies. Okay, okay... terries may not quite be legendary, but they sure are versatile, long-lasting (or could we even say everlasting? as they do break down eventually into organic matter once again!) and cost-effective. Yes, these plain ole terrys are amazing things, and today I want to point out that matter what kind of lifestyle, budget and style you have, you should definitely have some of these nappies in your stash. After you have read this article and tried a few of the cloth nappy suggestions, you will have enough knowledge to spread the word on this nappying style to other parents. When we share our knowledge we can all be specialists in nappies, informative and helpful... if everyone learns just one of the terry toweling nappy folds, and shows just one other person, then they are an expert in that fold and thus we can all help spread the word about the traditon and versatility of terries.  And make the world a little more green-friendly and baby-friendly.  Yay!  :)

You may have found this page by searching for "change a nappy, how to guide, cloth nappies, washable, reusable, folding a terry nappy slideshow, reusable cloth nappy, which type of terry nappy or terry nappy with a wrap?" or similar terms...   (You may even have come here via my Personalised Chocolates blog!)  Good quality baby items will always be needed, so I am starting with terry nappies but hope to gather together some information about other things you may need, soon.  For now there is also this site about baby walkers to check out, and have a look at my post on classic baby needs.

Here we go, the tradition of terry nappies... You know, terry towel squares are the quite possibly the best kind of cloth nappy that there is, even though there are many newer kinds of cloth bum solutions out there these days. So there's our first reason.

When you use terry nappies, you are participating in a long-held tradition from throughout time, where mothers used squares of plain, basic fabric to wrap around their baby's bottoms. The ritual of hanging the terry nappies on the line, each terry nappy pegged up by the same peg as the next square. Something satisfying about seeing your terry squares drying in the breeze and bleaching pure white again in the sun. I don't know what I would have done without my folding ritual in the early days of having a baby, mess everywhere like it is when you've got a newborn in the house and no time to clean it up because it's this roulette of feed baby, wash baby, rock baby to sleep, get yourself food, take a nap, put on laundry... and in amongst all this a neat, squared pile of terry nappies folded in one corner - because it's the one little ritual you can hold onto in those early days (at least I found that!). Ah, order and sanity!  (Thanks to mrsraggle for the gorgeous photo.)

And in the wee hours after the little one had gone down to sleep and you are up late over a cup of tea folding terry nappies, this little ritual reminds us of how it was for our mothers and grandmothers. The same nappy system. Even after they are no good for baby's bottom anymore, they can be used as rags for spills, or dishcloths, or oil rags for your car or bike, rags to arrange around the area where you're painting. Try using a modern or fitted kind of nappy to do all of those things.... No it's true, terry nappies win hands down in longevity... So by using them you will be participating in a time-tested tradition!

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